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Vintage Leather Bow Hair Tie

December 16, 2013

Vintage Leather Bow Hair Tie

I love this vintage leather bow hair tie! These cute little bows are a great compliment to any outfit and super easy to make. These would also look so adorable on little girls! Make them in all colors and show them off! You can always add a bit of bling to give your bow ties some added glam! Cute huh?

Here is the link to Hair Tie.

Leather Bow Hair Tie

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DIY Interchangeable Necklace Headband

December 9, 2013

DIY Interchangeable Necklace Headband

I just love this DIY interchangeable necklace headband! All you need is a necklace, a hair elastic and some fine pliers. Easily convert your necklace into a beautiful headband in under 5 minutes! Oh and did I forget, you can change it back to your necklace without ruining it! Love, love, love this DIY idea!

Here is the link to necklace headband.

Convertible Necklace Headband

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23 Men’s Hair Removal Products That Actually Work

December 8, 2013

23 Men’s Products That Actually Work

Still looking for gifts for your hubby or are you just a guy that’s looking for grooming products? Here is a great list of 23 Men’s Hair Removal Products That Actually Work. You will love for these ones because they are all proven to work great and they will keep your skin super smooth.

Hair Removal Products

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24 Hair Products That Actually Will Work

December 2, 2013

24 Hair Products That Actually Will Work
Today we are featuring some hair products that some friends of mine have actually tested and do actually work. We are only featuring the ones we know work and we have tested. The others I strongly suggest you try out as they sound like they actually work really well. Give them a try and let us know what you think we are always looking for feedback.

Davines Color Depositing Conditioner

Davines Color Depositing Conditioner This Color Depositing Conditioner comes in a huge range of shades and adds a gorgeous sheen to both colored and non-colored hair alike. It helps prolong the life of colored red hair (a tricky shade to make last) by weeks at a time and makes root regrowth look way more natural. Give it a try! Get it here.

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade

Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade This Foaming Pomade can turn a very dull look into a really glossy, nicely textured look with really nice profiles. When your hair needs some oomph and extra styling, this light yet effective product will come to the rescue any situation. Most definitely a go-to for short-cropped curly hair. Get it here.

Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche

Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche All we can say is this product is the goddess of dyed-hair, so give this a try. Get it here.

Davines Glossy Modeling Putty

Davines Glossy Modeling Putty I have a friend that has stick-straight Asian hair which can be hard to do much with but this product creates texture and separation without weighing it down too much. Get it here for $20.

Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream

Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream If you are into deep conditioning then use this part once a week. The best part is, it’s only $3.59.

Roux ‘Tween Time Instant Touch-Up Color Stick

Roux ‘Tween Time Instant Touch-Up Color Stick This stuff really works to cover up roots when you are in between dye jobs. Get it here for 7 bucks.

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer We were walking through Target one day and came accross one of these. If you get a lot of hair knots, this brush is the only thing that a) actually works and b) is pretty much pain-free. It also is made out of rubber so you can use it as a scalp massage in the shower. Get it here.

Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum

Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum This Smoothing Serum is essential if you’re trying to straighten really thick hair. Get it here.

Garnier’s Length Strength Shampoo and Conditioner

Garnier’s Length Strength Shampoo and Conditioner In order to make your hair look better and feel better you really need to give this Shampoo and Conditioner a true. My friends and I have used it for years and it works great. Get it here.

Spin Pins

Spin Pins Also as we browsed through Target we came across these updated bobby pins that “screw” into your hair to keep those thick hair buns in place all day long without having to use tonnes of bobby pins that just come undone easily anyway. $6 from Target.

For additional hair tips click here.

More Hair Products

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DIY Recycled Sweater Headwrap!

November 27, 2013

DIY Recycled Sweater Headwrap!

Have an old sweater hanging around that you were about to toss? Just wait as this tutorial might be worth doing! This headwrap is super cute and perfect for the fall and winter months! No one will ever know you used an old sweater to create a cute accessory! Check out the DIY Recycled Sweater Headwrap!

Here is the link to Sweater Headwrap.

Recycled Sweater Headwrap Tutorial!

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Easy Petal Cluster Headband!

November 27, 2013

Easy Petal Cluster Headband!

I just fell in love with this easy petal cluster headband! Its so chic, cute and perfect for complimenting any outfit! Who would of thought it was this easy to make? It’s also a great idea to give to all the little girls as a birthday favor gift! You can make them into any color of your choice or simply add some rhinestones to add some bling to the headbands!

Here is the link to DIY Petal Headband.

DIY Petal Cluster Headband!

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22 No-Heat Styles That Save Your Hair

November 19, 2013

22 No-Heat Styles That Save Your Hair

Heat can damage your hair overtime and cause your hair to look very dry over the years. That’s why I went out and found this great list of 22 No-Heat Styles That Save Your Hair. Learn these tricks and you will never have to go back to the old-fashion ways of getting your hair to do what you want.

No-Heat Styles

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18 Neat Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts

November 11, 2013

18 Neat Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts

If you are into pixie cuts or if you are thinking about getting a pixie cut then this article is for you. There are so many neat hair styles out there that you could change your style and look every couple of weeks with these 18 Neat Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts. Give them a try I am sure you will be impressed.

Pixie Cur Hair Styles

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29 Hairstyling Tricks Every Girl Should Know

November 4, 2013

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

DIY Hairstyling tips and tricks are my favorite articles on the internet. The love all the ideas that you can do without the help of a hair dresser. I have already started doing most of these 29 Hairstyling Tricks Every Girl Should Know. My favorite trick I learnt now is the blow my hair with cold air once it is done to set the style in place.

Enjoy these hairstyling hacks:

Hairstyling Hacks

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37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls

October 29, 2013

37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls

If you have a little girl at home then you will love these 37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls. There are so many cute hairstyles that I wouldn’t know what to do with them all. Go ahead give your little one a new hairstyle and show her off or send her to school the other kids will be jealous.

Here is the link:

BuzzFeed – Creative Hairstyle Ideas

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